Lounge Review: British Airways Concorde Room LHR T5

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Opening its doors once again after months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, British Airways’ Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is back in action for guests to enjoy. The most luxurious of all British Airways Lounges, the Concorde Room reopened on September 1 2021, marking an end to the pandemic era Concorde Terrace.

The exclusive Concorde Room is only accessible for passengers travelling in First Class (and 18+ years) or frequent flyers who have GGL (Gold Guest List) status. Wondering how things have changed in BA’s most sought-after lounge since pre-pandemic times? Read on to find out our thoughts on the newly reopened Concorde Room.

Ratings Rundown

Food and Drink8/10
Overall %82%


With plush sofas, chaise lounges, recliners and even an “outdoor” terrace, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to seating in the Concorde Room. The sheer amount of space available in the lounge also means that you can sit comfortably in peace far from other guests (unless you are travelling at super busy peak times).

There are few lounges which can come even close to the opulent, luxurious and well-thought out seating in the Concorde Room.

Seating rating: 9/10

Food and Drink

The Concorde Room has a restaurant serving up à la carte meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The restaurant provides maximum privacy for diners as each table is sectioned off into its own nook — this is a fantastic design feature and elevates the dining experience from standard restaurant fare to quasi-private dining.

The menu for breakfast was extensive and contained many dishes that were not available in the BA Galleries First Lounge next door.

We ordered scrambled eggs on sourdough with hot smoked salmon and also the scrambled eggs with (cold) smoked salmon. Both were lovely but the eggs and hot salmon on sourdough was amazing — I would thoroughly recommend ordering this. On the side, we also had some mushrooms and hash browns; the hash browns were slightly too crispy/hard.

The drinks menu is also vast and is perfect if you are a wine/champagne lover. As it was early in the morning, we ordered an English breakfast tea, coffee and orange juice (which unfortunately was not freshly squeezed).

Food and drink rating: 8/10


One fairly new facility available in both the Concorde Room and in the BA First Lounge is their Forty Winks sleep lounge designed in partnership with Restworks. Replacing one of the old conference rooms, this lounge has a few sleep pods allowing passengers to get some much needed shut-eye prior to their flight.

The other facilities available are fairly standard: bar, WiFi, power outlets, toilets etc. There are also a few cabanas which you can book and a dedicated desk for any travel queries. Sadly, the digital piano which used to be at the front of the lounge is no longer there (perhaps for covid related safety reasons?).

Facilities rating: 8/10


The immediate feel of luxury, tranquility and opulence is a breath of fresh air when you walk into the Concorde Room. Tasteful, elegant and refined furniture all elevate the lounge experience and add to the lavish feel of the place.

The exclusive nature of the Concorde Room also allows guests to fully unwind and relax which is difficult to do in the First Class Lounge as it tends to get overcrowded quite easily. The reduced number of guests also provides peace of mind while the coronavirus still looms.

The ability to overlook other parts of Terminal 5 from the Concorde Terrace is also another unique feature that distinguishes the Concorde Room from other premier lounges.

Ambiance rating: 8/10


As expected, the service is professional and polite from BA staff. The waiter in the restaurant was particularly friendly and helpful — any requests to alter dishes was no problem whatsoever. The initial welcome into the lounge at the check-in desk, however, was not so inviting and tainted the overall experience ever so slightly.

Service rating: 8/10


Overall, the Concorde Room is arguably the best lounge in London Heathrow. The choice of food and drink as well as its impressive scale and seating is what sets it apart from the other lounges in the airport — you are almost certain to have a pleasant lounge experience before your flight in the Concorde Room.


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